If you are joining us this year or want to support Red Lightning take a look at our current camp needs and wish list! 

Equipment Wish List

(to borrow or rent)

- Trucks that can tow trailers to Playa

- Towable Potable Water Tank

- 2 Sound Systems

- LED stage lights


Patronage Wish List

- Contribute to our new 44’ Community (Dust free chill space for our family

- Contribute to a Solar Electric Power Trailer (So we can be sustainable)


Ticket Wish List

- We still need more tickets for our team and family 

(Please email registration@redlightning.org Red Lightning first when you hear of a ticket for sale.)


From Our Campers

Looking for a ride to playa EA Wednesday or Friday. Is anyone driving early from either LA or SF/NorCal that wants company, someone to share driving and funds for gas?

Equipment wish list: Projector for Motion Graphics on the stage in the Mandala - anyone have any information on what additional stage equipment we need to project? I