Dearest Red Lightning Family - And if you are in in our camp, YOU ARE NOW FAMILY.   In less than 3 weeks, 46 hard core Crew will be heading to Black Rock City to build the awesome infrastructure of our camp.  We all send huge gratitude for the blood, sweat, tears, and dust storms these folks will endure to create magic.  Beautiful things are happening this year.  Our camp is evolving to be an alchemical blend of long time Red Lighting Family and exciting new family members!  New Team Leads are stepping up and we are working to develop Red Lightning as a on-going, educational non-profit organization both on and beyond the Playa.  This year we  have the new 44 footLightning Dome as a community chill space (chill like AC ;-).  Chef Gage and Julia will dazzle us with their decadent and delicious food,  and the Mandala programming is more exciting than ever.  Across the Esplanade, will be our new 60 foot Davinci Dome hosting evolutionary events, sacred experiences, and social gatherings. Android Jones, will be back with his 40 foot dome featuring his 360 degree immersive film, Samsara.

Something Wonderful Is Happening!

Now is the time to find your Costumes, create  your gifts, and get ready for one the best experiences of your life! 

Come play and create with us!

What's Happening!

Community Call Tonight! Tuesday August 2, 2016
Join us each Tuesday night at 6-7:30 pm for a community video teleconference. Enjoy and help create our final steps in producing this incredible Burning Man experience.

Last Call for Mutkis

 The Mukti Program offers the opportunity for an exquisite Red Lightning experience of luxury, participation and Community. Our final deadline for Mukti RVs is this Friday, August 5. If you know anyone who might be interested in our Mukti Program please have them get in to touch with Lora, Pele or LeRoy right awayregistration@redlightning.org

Extra Pre-Sale Tickets and Car Passes For Sale

This year some of our Red Lightning family generously purchased Pre-sale tickets so we would have enough tickets for Muktis. There are still a few of those tickets available. After the OMG ticket sale on Wednesday the world of tickets will change and these Pre-Sale tickets will become very valuable. If you, or anyone you know, needs a ticket we have some available and we are offering them to Red Lightning friends and family first. If you are interested in any of these tickets please contact Mystica

Awesome Gifting Camper Scholarship Fund

Be someone’s Miracle!!! Every year, there are members of our community, that don't have the financial resources to join us on the Playa. In recognition of the significant contributions they make to our camp, we are inviting anyone to step up and offer patronage to help them get to the Playa. Most of them need help with the cost of the ticket and camp fees, plus some travel expenses. We're talking around $1,000 per person. We're desire to get the following folks to the Playa to offer their gifts at Red Lightning: 

Elijah Ray - Elijah is known for his pioneering heart and transformational music that crosses a wide variety of genres. His shining presence, gritty soul, and message of love invite the listener into an experience of what it is to be "in the BAND OF LIGHT', and live a life as an embodied, awakening human.

Laurel Kitten - Laurel is one of the original co-founders of Red Lightning and has held down the sacred Women's Tipi and woven her magical teachings almost every year since our inception.  Laurel has provided Red Lightning with a deep sense of mythology and purpose on the playa.  

Shiloh Boss - Shiloh works in collaborative facilitation that helps craft a positive future for us all.  Her recent works includes several years as the Director of Culture at DMV.com, and has contributed greatly in the past as an executive team-member of The Gene Keys, the Unified Field Bank, Living Mandala, and the Tribal Convergence Network to name a few.

Maura Hoffman -  Maura lives a life of service.  She's been a continuous contributor to Red Lightning over the years either as an MC on stage, or helping prep Sonya Sophia for her epic workshops.  Maura weaves her service magic with such enlightened beings as Amma, Michael Beckwidth, Nassim Narramein, Larisa Stowe, and many others.

Jason Silva - Jason is a media artist, futurist, philosopher, keynote speaker and and TV personality.  He is the creator of "Shots of Awe”, a short film series of the “trailers for the mind” that serve as philosophical espresso shorts exploring innovation, technology, creativity futurism and the metaphysics of imagination.

Your Loving Donations & Scholarship Support are greatly Appreciated & are Tax Deductible with our 501C3 status ~ please click here to contact Jackie or LeRoy ASAP :) 

Welcome Virgins!

Warm Welcome to all virgins and new campers. To help you get ready for this incredible experience, There will be 2 calls for virgins only.

Call#1: Sunday, AUGUST 7 @ 7:00pm PST
Call#2: Sunday, AUGUST 11 @ 7:00pm PST

These calls are to assist you with pre-Playa advice and pointers,  to make all of your on-Playa time even better.

Red Lightning is an incredible community. We know that, for virgin burners, the prospect of preparing for an experience, of this magnitude, can be a daunting. Within our Community, is an amazing wealth of Burning Man experience, and it is all available to you. If you have any questions or need advice, just reach out. You can contact any one of us through Red Lightning’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/305238766481574/ and please join the page so that you can be in the flow of information.

Meals and Community Space

We are very excited about out new Lightning Dome. It is 1,521 square feet of blissful, air conditioned, dust free, shoe free, chill space for meals, festivities, and just hanging out. Inside the Lightning Dome, there will be comfy lounge areas surrounding the Tree of Light, a beautiful tree softly illuminated by strands of weeping lights.

A smaller 18 foot dome will act as a dust lock, and houses our Red Lightning Ranger Station.

Magical Gastronomical Experiences!  

Meals, at Red Lightning, are like a big, magical, family dinner! It is the only time, of the day, that we gather together as a Tribe. Every meal will be enhanced by background music, and important information and announcements about Red Lightning activities. 

Our rockstar chef, Chef Gage and the Amazing Julia are going to be creating some incredibly delicious meals for us. They will also be providing us with a snack fridge for leftovers, and occasional specialtreats to combat those demanding late night or early morning tummies.

SoCal Red Lightning Party

Our last party before we meet on the Playa. Come and share your dreams and visions and play with us before the dusty journey!
This is also a beautiful way to get the support you might be needing.

NOTE:  This is not to be confused with our last Red Lightning Work Party (on August 13).  
This is the last gathering at my home before we leave for the Playa.

When:  Saturday, August 6
Time:   6:30 until.....
Where:  Lora's house:
      241 Alma Real Drive
      Pacific Palisades  90272
What:   POT LUCK PARTY!!!!
Bring something to eat for us to share! Bring a towel and bathing suit, if you want to soak in the jacuzzi! Bring a sweater -- we're going to be outside!

Ventura Work Party: 

10AM-5PM, Saturday, 8/13/15 - We’ll be  loading the bus, completing the bike racks and showers, and having fun together! Details to come. 

We are excited to have the wonderful addition of the Lightning Dome Community Space. A 44 foot Dome with AC and floor creating a "Dust Free" chill space for hanging out of the heat, meals, and festivities. A 18 foot Smaller Dome acts as Air/Dust lock and houses our RL Ranger Station.

Inside of the Dome are comfy lounge areas underneath the Tree of Light. A Beautiful Tree standing in the dome with weeping lights & soft illumination (Think the "Tree of Souls from Avatar). 


All forms are now due! We can NOT receive you on Playa if you have NOT filled out the following! 

Red Lightning Integration Form
Red Lightning Placement Form
Red Lightning 2016 Kitchen Form
Kitchen Team Sign Up

Programming Team Sign Up
Red Lightning Ranger Team Sign Up
Strike Team Sign Up (Click Here)

Design our eating experience for dinner!

At Red Lightning, our meals are special like big family dinners.  It's really the only time we get to come together each day as a tribe, and it feels magical to connect this way.

Each night, we'll have live background music, along with announcements from camp leadership.  This year, we'll be eating in our new 44ft "Lightning Dome". Not just intended for our meals, this comfortable, air-conditioned space will be a place for you to chill out with your fellow campmates.  It'll be a dust free space with a separate entry dome where shoes will be left behind.

For those who choose the kitchen for your volunteer shifts, we invite you to look at who your shiftmates are and connect with them in advance and plan something fun for your fellow campmates. If you don’t know how to connect with them, let me know and I will send you a list of your shiftmates. Do a team chat, come up with a theme and coordinate with the Kitchen managers.  One of you will be responsible for setting up the dome, so they can do some of the prep of the space.

Chef Gage and Julia have informed us that they will also provide a refrigerator just for campers to have left overs safely stored and potentially some special treats... a sort of snack fridge. This should prove to reduce the rumbling tummies at the end of the night or early in the morning.

Arrival and Gate Times

This is new for 2016:
This year, the Gate is opening at 12:01 AM Sunday morning August 28th. In an effort to eliminate gate congestion, at peak arrival times, Burning Man Placement is making an effort to get as many people through the Gate as early as possible. If at all possible, please plan your arrival at the Gate by Midnight on Saturday August 27th.

Join our Facebook 2016 Red Lightning Camper Page!

If you have not already joined, and there are some of you who haven't. We have a 2016 Camper group on Facebook. Click the link below to find out what's happened and more. 


Camp Leads Needed!

Contact OneLove or Darcie to learn more about these Team Lead Positions

  • Women’s Tipi Guardian - One more woman to assist Livi, Women’s Tipi Lead

  • Men’s Tipi Guardians - Two men to assist Azul, Men’s Tipi Lead

  • Asst. Stage Managers -  Two people to assist Maura, Mandala Stage Manager

  • AV Techs - Two people to assist Tony Grazio, Mandala AV Lead

  • Counselor Lead - Coordinate with Sonya and other counselors to provide counseling and mediation services to our family.

  • Fire keeper Lead - Starting and keeping the Community Fire each day!

  • Truck driver from SF to BM - Join us on build!

  • Leave No Trace Lead - Let’s win an award as a “Green” camp on the Esplanade with no MOOP again  (MOOP = Matter Out Of Place)

Call for participation in Women's Tipi 2016

Would you love an opportunity to serve your community and connect to other women diving into the sacred feminine mysteries?

My name is Livi Joy, and I've been blessed with the honor of co-anchoring the Women's Tipi at Red Lightning 2016 with one of the anchors of the original Red Lightning Tipi Mandala, Laurel Kitten. The Women's Tipi is held 24/7 as a sacred space to honor the feminine, a dedicated space for those who identify as women, with facilitated programming during the day Tuesday through Saturday.

We are reaching out to our Red Lightening sisters to find kindred souls who are called to serve the sacred feminine on the playa in the Women's Tipi.

For more info check out https://is.gd/Call4WomensTipi2016

Pre-playa women's conference call

Please join us as we begin weaving our energies, honoring the spark of divine feminine within each of us, and laying the foundation of our sacred intentions for this year on the playa.

Livi will be hosting the RL pre-playa women's call on August 8, 2016 at 8pm PT

**Note: If you are a Red Lightning camper who identifies as a woman, but has not yet received a separate introduction email from Livi Joy and info about the pre-playa call, please email her ASAP at livi@livijoy.com

On The Web & Social Media:
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We believe
...in the spiritual and physical connection with Mother Earth.
...in the unbridled reclamation of our pure hearts.
...in the deep interconnectedness between our sisters and brothers.
...in honoring the divine feminine.
These beliefs were the foundation of Red Lightning’s creation and continue into 2016.