A Red Lightning Project 2017

Red Lighting is creating a space for the power of prayer at Burning Man.

Bringing the Standing Rock Spirit and global movement to Black Rock City.

A space for us all to come together in circle with council, storytelling, song, drum, dance and celebration on the esplanade.

A Tipi Circle under a medicine wheel around a sacred fire.

Created and held by indigenous wisdom keepers, tribal members and the 7th generation from tribes across turtle island.

Powered by Father Sun & Spirit Wind in a return to living in harmony with Mother Earth”

Let Us Pray Together...

Pray for good health and better understanding...

A prayer for listening deeply

A prayer for unity...

Pray together for peace...

Pray for love...

Join with us all as Indigenous Wisdom Keepers will Lead a Prayer Broadcast Live World Wide from Burning Man.

Visit: www.globaldrumprayer.com

Oragnize a drum circle in YOUR community at 6pm PDT
The broadcast goes live at 6:30
Find a local event or register YOUR own event on the map at our website above!

The drum is a heartbeat, it reminds us to listen, it shares many voices, many rhythms, and invites us to dance in celebration of this precious life.

Unite with us as One Global Family for what may become the world’s largest synchronized drum circle. Hundreds of locations will Unify and tune into a live prayer amplified from the heart of Burning Man.

Indigenous Wisdom Keepers will be at the center of this prayer leading the drum circle and uniting the world into one heartbeat.  

Medicine Wheel Prophecy...

The Tipi Circle sits under a Medicine Wheel, sometimes known as the Sacred Hoop. The Medicine Wheel Prophecy is present within many tribes from Northern United States, Southern Canada, and Inca tribes of South America, all together known as Turtle Island.

There are many tribal perspectives on the Medicine Wheel: For many it represents the interdependence of all people, the four directions, the aspects of the cosmos, and of the individual. Also, embodied within the wheel are Father Sky, Mother Earth, and Spirit Tree. All of which symbolize dimensions of health, and the cycles of life.

Medicine Wheels are traditionally made of stones arranged on the Earth. Found in various places throughout North America, they mark places of special significance, such as places of energy, ritual, ceremony, meeting, meditation, teaching, and celebration.

The Medicine Wheel is the representation of all things connected within the circle of life and the unification of all tribes as we move into a new paradigm of love and compassion within the Rainbow Tribe.

We see this pattern continuing when we look at the the four directions, the four elements of life,  the four medicines, the four seasons, the four states of well being, the four colours of man and four stages of life. In the Hopi Medicine Wheel, prophecy represents the four peoples of the Earth.

North is The cardinal direction represents the body, plants and animals, the color white and 'white skinned peoples', and Childhood.

East is held to represent the mind, air, the color yellow and 'yellow skinned peoples', and Adolescence.

South holds the heart, fire, the color red and 'red skinned peoples', and Adulthood.

West holds the spirit, water, the color blue or black, and 'black-skinned peoples' and Elderhood. The West also represents the final life stage in the wheel, being an elder and passing on knowledge to the next generation so that the wheel may start again just like the circle it takes after.


Standing Rock To Black Rock

Standing Rock has a long history. The recent chapters represent a continued unfolding of prophecy under the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nation. This past year a small encampment grew into an unprecedented gathering of native North American tribes and allies numbering over 10,000. united in an effort to protect water and land. The Standing Rock Movement is bigger than one tribe; it has evolved into a powerful global phenomenon highlighting the necessity to respect not just our Mni Wiconi, our Sacred Water, but all Indigenous Nations, all Peoples and our right to protect traditional homelands, the environment, and our future generations

The Power of Prayer creates a space for the Standing Rock Spirit and movement to be present at Black Rock City.

Red Lightning had the honor of having a presence at Standing Rock in the main camp, Oceti Sakowin (7 Council Fires), from October 2016 until the clearing in February 2017.  We provided domes for community gatherings, solar and wind power, as well as support in the camp cleaning efforts.

Click here for the Red Lightning@Standing Rock Story:





Cultural Restoration & Artistic Participation Project

The space of the Tipi Circle is an invitation for wisdom keepers and tribal members from across Turtle island to join in the circle. The Project funding flows to tribal members as grants to support participation in the creation of the tipi’s and traditional seating. The funds flow to directly support cultural restoration and participation for native peoples who may or may not not join at the Burning Man event.

    Wisdom keepers and tribal members are invited to join in:

  • Prayer: Join or offer the prayer, ritual, council, ceremonies, songs, dances, celebrations, etc.
  • Share teachings: Share tribal prophecies, stories, and teachings into the medicine wheel circle as you feel called.
  • Share story: Share the history of your people including struggles and victories dealing with colonization, attempted genocide, environmental destruction, and other challenges you face.
  • Join: In the co-creation of the Power of Prayer Tipi Medicine Wheel Circle under the guidance of native wisdom keepers to develop the prayers, ceremonies, songs, and celebrations.
  • Tipis: Send a Tipi to the circle. Send a traditional tipi sharing your tribe’s heritage and the story you would like to contribute to the medicine wheel prayer. The project provides funding for tipi's to be created traditionally and painted. Looking to the Grandmothers, Grandfathers, and the youth to share the heritage of the tribe and tribes future vision through the medicine wheel prophecy. The youth create the tipi under elder guidance.
  • Rugs, Mats, and Seating: Traditional rugs and mats will be the seating in the tipi circle. Offering another expression of tribal heritage that also contributes to the medicine wheel story

Red Lightning Camp 2017

The Power of Prayer is one exciting aspect of the Red Lightning Camp in 2017. The power of Prayer circle sits on the inner Esplanade inviting all the playa to come join the circle of prayer. The Mandala sits directly across the street. Filled with programming focused on healing and consciousness we consider this a sacred space and our offering to the Burning Man community


Immersive Standing Rock in 360° + Virtual Reality Experience

Experience Standing Rock in 360° & Virtual Reality as Digital Smoke Signals brings Indigenized Media to the Power of Prayer project.

With never before seen footage shown in the 30' Dome from the top of Sacred Stone Camp through March 2017. 

The Dome is Donated from Pacific Domes & Digital Obscura to Standing Rock camps.




Support the Power of Prayer:


We offer up a prayer of support. An invitation to join in the co-creation. Please come join us on the playa at Burning man and join us in prayer from the world over. A key intention is of Cultural Restoration. Help support tribal members coming to the playa and also those who contribute from afar. The tipis and rugs come from tribal members. The project's assets flow to tribal members through supporting the creation and restoration of traditional artifacts and practices.

To support this project please send your prayers, blessings, & donations. Your donations will go to:

  • Support Wisdom Keepers: Support indigenous wisdom keepers, tribal members and youth with burning man tickets, camp fees, and transportation to and from the playa.

  • Build Tipis: The tipis tell a story of each tribe. Power of Prayer provides funds for Tipis to be created in traditional ways by tribal youth with the guidance of the grandmothers and grandfathers.

  • Promote traditional Rugs, Mats & Seating: Traditional rugs and mats will be the seating in the tipi circle. Offering another expression of tribal heritage that also contributes to the medicine wheel story and cultural experience. Project supports the traditional arts of rug and mat making.

  • Medicine Wheel Shade Structure: This structure manifests the medicine wheel on the playa on a large scale. Provides shade for participants in the tipi circle, and promotes greater awareness of native culture.


As a vital next step in our movement for a regenerative future, The Power of Prayer brings the Standing Rock spirit to Black Rock City at the front-lines of cultural and social change.

Will you lend your support? Your tax-deductible donation to Red Lightning will directly cover costs of tipis, tickets, meals, and transportation to and from the Burning Man for devoted wisdom keepers, tribal members and youth.


Donations may be sent to Red Lightning via Paypal, wire or check. 

Red Lightning is a non-profit project of fiscal sponsor Empowerment Works, Inc., a 501C3 charitable organization. 

All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

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