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As many of you know the Red Lightning community at Burning Man has taken on a sacred mission, devoted to celebrating and elevating indigenous wisdom for a more peaceful, sustainable world - at the playa and throughout the year.

Last year, our camp, Red Lightning supported an unprecedented gathering of indigenous leaders and tribes united with the Lakota Sioux to protect tribal sovereignty, sacred water, land, and the restoration of values that sustain all life.

Spreading beyond the US to unite tribes and cultures around the world, this resistance camp was grounded in the Power of Prayer.


The visible disregard for sacred sites and the courageous stand of water protectors saddened many of us. However, contrary to being forgotten, the prayers of Standing Rock will soon reverberate on one of the most influential, cultural gatherings on the planet. The prayers of Standing Rock have rippled and will be magnified at Black Rock.  

Join us as we create and support a sacred space of prayer at Burning Man led by the indigenous leaders from Oceti Sakowin Camp from Standing Rock.   

Held up by the devoted community of Red Lightning, 20+ of the most revered indigenous elders and leaders of this movement will share their prayers and wisdom with hundreds and thousands.

Be part of it! Help ensure the voices of those who cherish life are heard and continue to ripple.

Your tax-deductible donations are vital to pay for devoted wisdom keepers, tribal members and youths’ tipis, tickets, meals, and transportation to and from the playa.

Learn more and donate right here, and/or support and share our FB fundraiser [here]:


In prayer,

Red Lightning & The Power of Prayer Team



Red Lightning is the bolt of lightning in the Red Sky. The spark of sacred union of the divine feminine and the sacred masculine. We are a wake-up call for humanity and activating and transforming audiences is our mission.
— Brad Nye

“I attended Red Lightning’s EFT workshops everyday while at Burning Man 2012. I had no idea any EFT would be offered at BM but it became my main mission when I heard about it and I purposely stayed sober everyday rather than partying so I would be sure to make it to your workshops everyday. To make a long story short, you helped me clear energy about my choice to have an abortion.  Shortly before attending BM and your workshops. My heart was hurting deeply. I was devastated with what life seemed to hand me at that time, heartbroken is an understatement… I was having a hard time with both accepting and rejecting myself. I was confused, lost and felt completely ashamed and unworthy. I experienced a profound physical healing after one of your workshops as my body released a part of the placenta that had been, unbeknownst to me, left behind. Since then, self love and acceptance have crept into my reality and I am now sharing EFT as well as other healing techniques with the world. I'm actually thriving! You also showed me that it was perfectly ok to share myself authentically…. So, thank you, you've made a difference in my life that is allowing me to in turn, make a difference in the lives of many other people. A beautiful ripple effect. I have so much gratitude for you!!! “

“Sonya Sophia, I count you as one of the Best things that has come to my life via Burning Man.”

“I came to your Burning Man workshop in 2011, led along with emphatic encouragement by a dear friend who is often a bringer of nourishing things to my life…I was really blown away by exactly how emotionally cathartic the experience was. Later that same night in the ceremonial space of the camp I was with (Red Lightning) I had an even more powerful emotional breakthrough, related to some strong ancestral shame I had been carrying around with me unconsciously all of my life with significant impact. I am still unpacking and releasing that years later and I have made big steps of progress to that end using EFT. I am enjoying your world tapping circle as a way to take that insight deeper and to shed all of the unneeded emotional clogs I have in my works. I am so grateful!!”

“Where to begin..... The first time I met you was at Burning Man, 2011. I attended your EFT tapping classes there, loved it and I fell in love with you and your angelic, powerful presence. I was impressed by your grace and sweet approach to being real with myself about the past, owning it, loving it, forgiving it and tapping in a new reality which served me so much better.”
With your EFT technique, I have personally been completely healed from my back pain that had gone on for a year at least within 25 minutes. What a true miracle worker are, and I consider myself so lucky to have been taught by you where you have shown me how I can on my own, heal myself.”

“My late husband went to your classes every day at Burning Man. He came home with the most amazing energy and since then we have all, my five grown children and I have fallen in love with you and joined in your World Tapping Circle videos when ever we can!”
“Tapping with you in BM 2011 was the confirmation my soul needed that my orientation out of traditional therapy was the correct course, and that there are way more awesome powerful healing strategies out there.” 

“I went to a Burning Man presentation in 2014 I was kind of skeptical.  But there were at least 100 people there, sitting in direct sunlight also waiting for you, so I figured there had to be something to this thing! Twenty minutes in, I was sobbing uncontrollably and forgiving my 11 year old self for making a rule for myself to stop loving anyone as much as I loved my dad (who died when I was 11).  So, thank you.  I honestly thought I had dealt with all of the grief from losing my dad at a young age, but clearly I had some hidden sorrows I had been covering up.  Thank you for helping me.  It was a powerful experience.”

“Burning Man. I was there. Sitting in the sunshine. Tapping my little heart out one day, releasing it all, breaking it open, falling in love with myself and the world around me all over again. I've experienced 100’s of modalities and nothing aside from kundalini yoga has touched me in the way working with you in that session did.”

“I took your workshop at Red Lightning. It was very powerful, made me feel much better afterwards, and is something that continues to make me feel good about myself and my life. Keep up the amazing work and journey!!”

“You work at burning man was at Red Lightning.
Every day when I would lay down for my nap
I would hear your workshops and tap my way
Into a restfulness and dream into greatness
Big Love and Thank You!”

“So, I met you last year at Burning Man at one of your tapping workshop at Red Lightning camp…You were talking about sexuality and I found beautiful, brave and inspiring the way you shared yourself, your story and your path to emotional freedom. You have helped me release things from the past and make a step forward in the path of awareness, empowerment and healing. I truly believe in self empowerment and I am always in search of people who, like you, are willing to share their experience, intuition and knowledge to contribute to global consciousness expansion and make a difference. This is what inspires me and keeps me going in life!”

“I was sitting in a open aired tepee in the middle of the desert. With red and orange silk material covering the celling. The air was warm and thick. I had been up for six days strait. The anxiety and fear that I had in my normal life was heightened to max capacity. All of the sleeping pills I had been taking for years to fall asleep I had left at home. They would usually knock me out to cover up the anxiety and fear. But here, there was no way to get sleep. I was camping and music was blasting twenty four hours a day. My mind was on sensory overload. An elegant woman walks onto the teepee stage in front of an audience of about seventy-five people. She is oddly dressed, in an elaborate golden gown. She looks like a Goddess. I can’t sit still my body is electric. Im twitching and loosing my shit. My mind is racing. I have had maybe four hours of sleep in six days. What if I die here. What if the elements, the exhaustion causes me to have a stroke or a heart attack. In my normal life I thought about death everyday. I thought about suicide everyday. A new found friend in my camp, a man from Montana who drives an RV every year to get here told me I better get over to see this woman. He had went to her a few years back and said that she had “cleared” some blocks in him that had been causing him grief for years. He said she guided people in a tapping technique that is used for people that have PTSD. Sonya Sophia started to lead us in an EFT meditation of sorts, only it was open eyed. She gave us  meridian points on the body to tap on. While tapping on those she gave us things to say. “Even though I have this issue....I love and accept myself”. That was the moment that everything came together. In that one moment I realized why I had been depressed, felt alone, isolated, had anxiety about the world, had trouble with relationships, and had felt like I had been locked up in a house looking out at the world not being able to enjoy it. My six year old self was a terrified,  socially stunted, depressed little girl because she had spent many years with a mentally ill woman who accidentally dumped all her views and stories of the world on a little girl who soaked them up like a sponge. This younger version of myself was stuck inside of me and I couldn’t grow or be healthy until this had been resolved. I heard Sonya's voice in the meditation saying “go over to the little girl and tell her your sorry you couldn’t get to her sooner.” At this point I am sobbing and shaking and heat and energy is coming out of my body. I realize that the fear I was feeling was trapped energy trying to come out of my body. After the EFT session at Red Lightning with Sonya Sophia, I went up to her and gave her a huge huge and told her that I found the little girl. And that she saved my life.”