Elders / Wisdomkeepers


Chase iron eyes (Sioux)

Bio : Chase Iron Eyes is Dakotas counsel for the Lakota People's Law Project and the 2016 Democratic candidate for Congress from North Dakota. One of over 500 hundred water protectors facing charges for protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, Chase could spend 5 years in prison for "inciting a riot and trespassing". The trial begins in February of 2018—the Lakota People's Law Project is now preparing that defense. Chase is a tribal member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and a regular on outlets like CNN, NPR, and Democracy Now. Learn more at WWW.LAKOTALAW.ORG/ABOUT-US.


Grandmother Patricia Richards

Power of Prayer : "I am a servant to the planet. Spirit is guiding me to go to Burning Man so spirit can give a message. Prayer is the Black ,the red the yellow and the white coming together as one.  To protect mother earth and the protect the waters.  We are praying for the next 7 generations to be taken care of.The divine feminine is taking place as we are fulfilling a very powerful prophecy. To make sure that the next 7 generations are taken care of."


Jose Federico Munoz, Mayan

Power of Prayer : "Prayer is an etheric action, a bridge between thinking and manifesting, a simple highest intention thought.  It is etheric because we can't see it, smell it or touch it but we know it works.  

It is the bridge we cross after we think of what we want, what we need or what we must have to continue our mission on this planet and manifesting what we thought of. It is a simple thought of the highest good intentions to ourselves first, then to everything that exists."

BIO: Since 2008, José has been dedicated to promoting World Peace, and has been travelling extensively sharing ceremonies and meditations that focus on cultivating peace in the heart and amongst all peoples. He also introduces groups to the New Sixth Sun Calendar and offers Mayan Calendar readings based on both the old and new calendars. Born of Maya heritage in Guatemala, José Federico Ajpu Munoz is a Day Keeper of the Calendar for the Maya Chorti, Quiche, Mam and Kakchiquel peoples and the carrier of the spoken word of Maya history from the years 1444-1529.


Mazatzin Aztekayolokalli, Kickapoo/Chichimeca Aztek

Power of Prayer: "Prayer is joining our hearts and minds together and facing to the four corners of the universe to show respect and gratitude to all living beings from each direction for their contributions to humanity; then facing and reaching up towards the Sun recognizing it gives light and warmth like a good father to each and every living being alike; then reaching down touching the Earth that provides food, clothing and shelter for all living beings alike, Like a good mother and realizing we are ALL Brothers and Sisters."


Robert white mountain, lakota

Power of Prayer: “Prayer means the ability and willingness to be in constant communication with all that is and celebrate the life given to us through song, dance and words of love, gratitude and honor for all life. “

Jerry Natanine, inuit from nunavit

Power of Prayer: "This feeling of being taken seriously and treasured, that's what we've got from what we're doing now. From what we thought it was the whole world out to get us, we found that it's not. There are people that are with us, that are supporting us, and to us that's naglingnuk*, that's love."

Bio : Jerry Natanine, former mayor of Clyde river and community leader who led his small Inuit town of 1100 people to a recent historic Supreme Court victory against International Big Oil that threatened the future of his people.


Monica Patton

Power of Prayer: "It is my belief that every breath, every thought, every motion and emotion is a prayer.  I believe that we are in constant connection with the energy of creation.  When we begin to realize that our very life is a prayer and that everything around us is connected to this prayer of life we begin to fully grasp the divine nature of our human experience and in that I have found the most beautiful expression of freedom and sovereignty that I have known.  Everything has spirit and within that spirit lives the essence of prayer.  This truth for me is inescapable and as I with every breath ascend into the energy of source field I begin to reach new heights in understanding that I am but a drop of water in the ocean, that we are one and in that connection is the prayer.  Through me and through you, through all that surrounds us and all that can be imagined, in the seen and unseen, the prayer flows."


Sunshine Rose

Power of Prayer : "Prayer is one of the tools we have to share our hearts desire out loud to the source of creation.  It is a way to have clear communication about what dreams we can bring through manifestation."


Brooke Johnson

Power of Prayer: "Prayer is also about holding yourself accountable for the very things you pray for, so you can walk the path the creator has set for you."

William Hawk Birdshead.png

William Hawk

Power of Prayer: "My Spiritual belief and an understanding of the higher power has always been for me the fundamental foundation in which I base not only my prayer but my soul and all who I am as a being upon mother earth and across the milky way universe.


Prolific, lakota

Power of Prayer: "Prayer is connecting to the universe and asking.  Reaching out with one hand to receive and the other to give.  Prayer is your life."

Uqualla,  Havasupai

Uqualla,  Havasupai

Power of Prayer: “From the mother earth it rises, the essence of spirit within, a calling that all that is of question, to be brought and offered to the divine creator source.”

BIO: Uqualla means “eyes with a Spark of Light”. James Uqualla was born into the Havasupi tribe, a tribal society, known as “Guardians of the Grand Canyon”.

Uqualla was a personal attendant as a child to the medicine grandfathers.

An active participant of the Havasupi Tribe trained into tribal arts he lives his culture and shares the ancient wisdom! He is an extraordinary tribal singer and dancer. His gifts allow one to understand and experience the ancient healing paths to open to the soul’s journey. A Havasupi medicine man and shaman, Uqualla presents the wisdom of the ancestral ways. The time is right for us to recognize and awaken our consciousness. Visioning beauty, love and peace for all through tribal dance and chants.

Dennis Romero, Chumash

Power of Prayer : “The teaching of my prayers and spirituality come from my grandfather which is a full-blooded Chumash Native American and was once the chairman of my tribe. For over seven years I have followed my grandfather's footsteps all the way to his death in November 2015. I have made it my life's goal to pray with all nations and to lift the vibration of Mother Earth to restore her to full health.”

Bio : My name is Dennis "Chumash" Romero I am a Chumash Native American from the Kalawashaq village of California (central coast). I'm a self-taught artist with my creativity expanding through graffiti, videography, music, tattoo art and million other things. 

I've spent several months in Oceti Sakowin Standing Rock and have continued the good fight even out of camp. Traveling to various fights across the U.S. Standing in solidarity with Oyate (people) that are protecting Unci Maka (Mother Earth). Some would say I'm a frontline warrior, others would call me a spiritual man. 

In Standing Rock my main priority was to keep a consistent prayer going throughout the camp. What I would do is I would travel to various camps within Oceti Sakowin and Sacred Stone and simply ask the group I approached to pray with me. I was successful every time. 

The teaching of my prayers and spirituality come from my grandfather which is a full-blooded Chumash Native American and was once the chairman of my tribe. For over seven years I have followed my grandfather's footsteps all the way to his death in November 2015. I have made it my life's goal to pray with all nations and to lift the vibration of Mother Earth to restore her to full health.

While attending the Burning Man event I plan on sharing my prayers from Standing Rock and my nation, providing tattoos, canvassed art, traditional drum music live, drone/camera service and personal spirit cleansing sessions. 

I also have coals to the sacred fire of Oceti Sakowin and would to share them with a sacred fire in the event.

Gentle Thunder

Power of Prayer: "Prayer is an opportunity to connect our spirit and heart with almighty Creator."


Antoine Edwards

Power of Prayer: "Prayer is a way of life. Prayer is powerful. Prayer is who we are."

Bio: Singer, songwriter, hip hop artist, grass dancer and motivational speaker. Antoine represents the UMOnHOn and Lakota people. He travels the US and Canada speaking to indigenous youth inspiring them to not only live healthy lifestyles, but to also find themselves through their culture and traditional ways of life. Antoine also uses his talents to spread his word through music.


Daniel Sheehan

Bio : Daniel Sheehan is among the most storied nonprofit attorneys in the United States. Current president and chief counsel of the Lakota People’s Law Project and the Romero Institute, he co-founded the Christic Institute in the late 1970s. The Christic Institute prosecuted the Karen Silkwood case - a Supreme court lawsuit that shut down new construction of nuclear power plants in the U.S. for over 30 years. The Institute also pursued the Iran-Contra Scandal case - which exposed Oliver North and 25 others for conspiring to illegally fund paramilitary activities in Nicaragua while selling weapons to Iran in violation of international treaties. For the past 15 years, Daniel has protected Native families and tribes in North and South Dakota from foster care and adoption abuse, and he leads the legal team now defending water protectors Chase Iron Eyes and Holy Elk. Learn more at WWW. LAKOTALAW.ORG/ABOUT-US.