Join us every evening at 6:30pm for the Red Lightning Sunset Celebration. 

Come be a part of the largest drum circle on the Playa as we gather drummers, musicians, hula hoopers, fire poi, acrobats, stilt-walkers and sun-gazing playa citizens to celebrate the Sun's journey across the Black Rock Desert. We'll begin one hour before sundown and bring the joyous ceremony to a close after the sun ends its day.

Sunset Drumming Ceremony at Red Lightning with the Dan Bailey Tribe

Posted by Alex Grant on Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Throughout human history, in every culture and on every continent, human beings have recognized the power of the sun. Whether honoring its ability to give life, its position as divine creator, or simply its role in bringing light to our world, human beings have always understood the spirituality of the Sun, weaving it into their most deeply held beliefs.

The cadence of its daily rise in the east and fall in the west has held sway over us for millennia. Whether transported by barge or towed by a celestial chariot, its movement across our skies has been a source of reverence and mystery throughout history.

Paired with its counterpart, the moon, our lives are entwined every day with the duality of light and dark, warmth and cold, energy and calm.

Every night of Burning Man, please join the Red Lightning family (8:30 & ESPLANADE) for our Sunset Celebration on the Playa. Bring the day to a close and welcome the night with a pulsing circle of drummers, musicians, hoopers, fire poi, cirque performers and more. Join us as we create a glorious rhythm, giving thanks and celebrating life.

The Sunset Celebration will be held each evening, beginning one hour before sunset and building to a crescendo just before the sun drops below the horizon. Expect an organic flow of music, dance and creative expression that will bring to life our love and gratitude for the Sun. We'll bring the music to silence just before sundown, bidding it goodbye and welcoming the night.

Come honor the conclusion of each day's sacred journey of the sun across the Black Rock Desert sky. Please consider joining us each night as we work to create the largest Sunset Celebration and Drum Circle on the Playa.