Quantum Leaping Red Lightning into being powered by primarily by solar & wind

Project Intentions:

  •  Quantum Leap the camp being Primarily Powered by Solar + Wind
  • Much Better Burn for our Tribe
  • Infrastructure Weaknesses become Strengths. Excellent in Shade, Shower, Water, Water Storage and Waste system. 
  • BTP: Beyond The Playa


Quantum Leap


For 8 years Red Lighting has worked with the extreme hot, windy, dusty conditions of the Playa at BurningMan. Being at Standing Rock in high pains has provided experience with cold, windy and wet conditions. The understanding of these extremes has created a system design that will perform in both conditions. 

The transformation of the trailer will allow the Red Lighting Camp to be transported, deployed, and full powered from the moment it arrives onsite. The rack and storage systems are custom designed to allow for modular packing of domes, tents, pods, tipi's with poles, water storage, tools and materials. Additionally the solar wind systems travel inside the trailer then attached to the rack system onsite. The trailer is insulted and climate controlled allowing for the electronics and water to remain  protected from extreme temperature ranges. 

Project Timeline

Project Launch

April 12th 2017

  • Power to Lightning Project Plan finalized by April 30th
  • Establish Non-Profit and B-Corp. Continue RL Vision, Mission, Values Discussion
  • Phase 1 Fundraising begins. Initially to Patrons and RL community  
    • Schedule 2 Fundraising Events SoCal/NoCal held in May and June 2017 for Power to Prayer, Power to Lightning, other RL initiatives
  • Explore Energy Technology Partnerships and open RFPs 
  • Phase 1 Donation Budget and Contract Negotiation complete
  • Explore locations for the RL Power Forest temporary/permanent home

Phase I 

April 21 2017

  • Phase 1 Fundraising continues 
  • Energy System 1.0 Design complete
  • 1 Toy Hauler & 1 RV Purchased
  • PowerHouse Eco Modification of Toy Hauler and RV
  • Purchase Diesel Dually Truck
  • Solar Shade Structure 1.0
  • Testing & refinement

Red Lightning Independence Day  Celebration 

July 04 2017

A Celebration of our first steps to energy independence setting up the Power Forest at a location. Allowing the Rl Family to have a relaxing retreat while experiencing and testing the PowerHouses.

Phase II 

June 21 2017

  • Purchase 2 Powerhouses Toy Haulers
  • PowerHouse Eco Modification
  • 1 Toy Hauler & 1 RV Purchased
  • Shower/Restrom trailer and modification process 
  • EV ATV

Time to Shine on the Playa 

August 23 2017


Lightning in a Box Power & Water Trailer: 

Lightning In A Box  is a mobile power grid and infrastructure system providing beautiful community spaces and shelter for 100+ people.

Customizing the Wind stream Technologies Mobile Mill Command Center Design, the Lightning In a Box Trailer transforms a 28’ Enclosed Insulated trailer into a next generation Solar + Wind + Battery + Storage with back-up generator and also provide a transport trailer for all shelters and equipment to site. 

This Power & Water Trailer forms the core of a mobile energy grid powered by Solar and Wind for the Burning Man Camp and also for missions Beyond the Playa.

Red Lightning @ Standing Rock Camp has been powered by a Solar Wind Battery System since Oct 2016. This Power System 1.0 preformed well through December.  Then -25 zero temps, high winds, drifting snow and sabotage of the open trailer made clear an upgrade was required.

The main community space, 44’ Dome is being upgraded with mylar insulation and mobile Heating/AC system

For Information on WindStream Mobile Mill and Command Center: 

Heating & Cooling the Dome

The 44’ Lightning Dome will upgraded to be a warm and cool sanctuary in both extreme hot and cold environments. 

The main community space, 44’ Dome outfitted with a mylar insulation and a combination of 4 Mini Split AC/Heat systems. 

This combination will provide warmth and cool in the dome hot playa and cold of the high plains. These advanced units are hybrid AC/DC powered, allowing them to be direct from solar and wind power. The DC option creates greater efficiency by not losing energy (up to 30%) in conversion to AC power.

Each unit will provide 20,000 BTU of heat and 18,000 BTU cold. Designed to perform in extreme environments up 125° F cooling and heating to:

  • 90% Cooling capacity at 120° F outdoor ambient
  • 100% heating capacity at 5° F outdoor ambient
  • 82% heating capacity at -4° F outdoor ambient
  • 62% heating capacity at -13° F outdoor ambient

How To Support


To Join in Supporting the Lightning In A Box Project and Quantum Leaping Red Lightning, Burningman and our world into being powered by primarily by solar and wind.

 For questions, please email: standingrock@redlightning.org 


Donations may be sent to Red Lightning via Paypal, wire or check.  Red Lightning is a non-profit under the umbrella of Empowerment Works, Inc. 

All donations are considered tax deductible contributions to a 501C3 charitable organization.


Send your payment to:  standingrock@redlightning.org

 Please send as Friend and Family payment to avoid PayPal Fees


Make your check payable to: Red Lightning/Empowerment Works.

Mail your payment to:

Red Lightning 28310 Roadside Dr Ste 120 Agoura Hills, CA 91301


Please email standingrock@redlightning.org for wiring instructions.

Red Lighting @Standing Rock