Since 2009, the founders of Red Lightning have always held the vision that our tribe would someday take our collaborative spirit off the playa and out into the world.  There was never as clear an opportunity for us to do so as when we came off the playa this year and were approached to support the indigenous tribes gathered at Standing Rock.  

Thousands of people are streaming into North Dakota in opposition to the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline Project as part of the largest gathering of tribal nations in more than a hundred years. Tribe members have expressed their feelings that Standing Rock is symbolic of a much larger issue: how indigenous people’s rights in many places are overridden by purely economic interests throughout the world.

It started with the Sacred Stone Camp, set up in April to monitor the pipeline activity. Dozens of Native youth organized a spiritual run for awareness of the issue and ran 500 miles to the Army Corps of Engineers headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. In early August construction began on the pipeline despite the fact that permits had not been granted to dig under the river.  Since early August, when this small group of ‘Protectors’ stopped the construction of the pipeline, there have been thousands of Native people representing more than 200 tribes who have poured into the camp on sacred land of the Oceti Sakowin, the Great Sioux Nation near Cannon Ball, North Dakota. 

Mission Phases

Phase III Mission

Red Lightning camp has moved beyond the Nevada desert and into the snows of North Dakota to support Indigenous communities gathered to protect the water at Standing Rock.

Since October, the Red Lightning Tribe of volunteers and donors have come together to build a Solar Powered Village at Standing Rock. Working closely with the leadership in two main camps of Oceti Sakowin and Scared Stone providing targeted support in vital areas.

Through this dynamic solidarity the Lightning Dome has become central gathering space for main camp and developed right relations with the tribal elders enabling further efforts.

Oceti Sakowin to Oceti Oyate "Peoples Camp" 

In early December 2016 both the Standing Rock Sioux and Oceti Sakowin, 7 Council Fire leadership made a request that the main camp breakdown for winter. The sacred fire that burning since the beginning was put out and most of the major camps began transitioning plans to leave. At the request of Tribe leadership Red Lighting committed to keep the dome as a with a warm community gathering space through the beginning of 2017.  Then Indigenous Youth Council with support from Chase Iron Eyes started a new sacred fire with a prayer of oneness and commitment to doing whatever it takes to stop the pipeline. The new camp has been named called Oceti Oyate, The Peoples Camp. This winter camp is comprised of those prepared for the harsh winter and the support of Oceti Sakowin and Sacred Stone Leadership  After much listening to camp leadership Red Lightning is choosing to stay and support this exciting new chapter for Standing Rock community.  

Chase Iron Eyes speaks on the Oceti Oyate Camp

Phase III Initiatives

Upon successful completion of Phase II we are moving into Phase III initiatives for which additional donations will be used to:

  • Maintain camp Presence through February 2017 powered with Solar + Wind+ Battery+ Generator Energy System
  • Add (2) 400W Wind Turbines to RL Village Power system
  • Improve dome insulation with liner and tunnel system
  • Winterize and provide heating for all teepees and guest shelters
  • Funding and logistical support for steady supply of firewood, water and food
  • Provide guest shelters with warm winter beds forjournalists, filmmakers, speakers and presenters. 
  • Provide snow removal plow trucks for RL village and snow removal support to larger camp
  • Teams providing media to camps, short films, musical albums and other means of supporting the movement on-site and for educating and building awareness in the world of the movement.

Phase III Village Layout

Proposed Village Layout

Solar + Wind + Battery Power System

Red Lightning Village is powered by a Solar-Battery mobile generator with Diesel back providing 24/7 power. Also provides LED exterior lighting to the village area. Powering the village with solar shows energy independence is possible and powerful symbol vs DAPL.

  • Powered by Solar+ Wind+ Battery Storage+ Generator Back up 
  • Produces clean uninterrupted power 
  • Capable of running 24 hours/day with or without sun

Heating the Dome

As winter comes to standing rock, the Lightning Dome will provide a heated gathering place and shelter from the harsh elements. The dome is heated with electric heaters providing quiet warmth powered by the solar generator and two wood burning stoves.

A combination of 6 hanging Infrared Heaters and a circulating fan will heat the dome with Sun Power from the Solar System. Creating lighted space with heated zones for gathering, talks, performances and ceremony.


How To Support

To join in supporting our Phase II mission and creating the Red Lightning Village at Stand Rock, we request the following:

  • Donations for domes, teepees, solar power, infrastructure and transportation

  • Teepees, poles, skins, and liners

  • Winter Tents

  • Solar Lights and Chargers for electronics 

  • Solar Panels and Inverters 

  • Organic Food Non-Perishable 

For questions, please email: 

Supplies:  Send or Deliver before October 20:

Attention Red Lightning Studio Metta, 355 Harriet Street Ventura, CA, 93001


Donations may be sent to Red Lightning via Paypal, wire or check.  Red Lightning is a non-profit under the umbrella of Empowerment Works, Inc. 

All donations are considered tax deductible contributions to a 501C3 charitable organization.

By Paypal: 

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By Check: 

Make your check payable to: Red Lightning/Empowerment Works.

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Direct Action:

Raise Awareness through network and social media

Call for the Army Corps of Engineers’ to rescind the Dakota Access Pipeline permit

Call the White House at (202) 456-111 or (202) 456-1414
Sign the White House petition:
Call the Army Corps of Engineers (202) 761-5903
Call North Dakota governor Jack Dalrymple at (701) 328-2200
Call or Email your Congressional Representatives and Senators

Support the Standing Rock Camps with Contributions

For more information about Oceti Sakowin/Seven Council Fires Camp list of items to Donate:

Donate items to Sacred Stone Camp

Tell the Executives of Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. to stop building the pipeline

Lee Hanse, EVP (210) 403-6455
Glenn Emery, VP (210) 403-6762
Michael (Cliff) Waters, Lead Analyst (713) 989-2404