Red Lightning Burning Man 2017


Radical Ritual Offerings:

Discover our offerings to the Burning Man community in the year of Radical Ritual. A continuation of world leading healing and consciousness we in Red Lightning sacred spaces. 


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Power of Prayer Project

Red Lighting is creating a space for the power of prayer at Burning Man.

Bringing the Standing Rock Spirit and global movement to Black Rock City.

A space for us all to come together in circle with ritual, council, storytelling, song, drum, dance and celebration on the esplanade.

A Tipi Circle under a medicine wheel around a sacred fire.

Created and held by indigenous wisdom keepers, tribal members and the 7th generation from tribes across turtle island.

Powered by Father Sun & Spirit Wind in a return to living in harmony with Mother Earth

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2017 Mission Statement

Red Lightning 2017 is a sublime, sacred space supporting You to align your mind, body, soul and spirit with the greater

evolutionary intelligence of Gaia. As a chosen family, we believe in our power to co-create civilization like it's never been

done before.

In the last 7 years, we have created a template for a new paradigm of human relationship, spirituality and creativity. This

year, we bring our focus to the architecture of an enlightened civilization, activating the New Story that is waiting to be lived

by humanity at this time. We stand for lasting systemic change in alignment with the Ancient Future. We invite all cocreators

of evolutionary relationship, community, technology, economy, spirituality and culture to join us in the Great Work of building a more beautiful world together.

Civilization like it’s never been done before. 

We offer a variety of workshops:
Yoga and meditation
Creating communities, eco-villages, and social networks
Energy research and study
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Our Six Principles:

Creating Community
Generating Earth Wisdom
Working Towards Gender Balance
Evolving Evolutionary Tools
Focusing on Personal Growth and Healing
Aspiring towards Planetary and Cosmic Consciousness


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