Thank you to all of the beauties who showed up tonight - Laurel Kitten, Amanda Rain, Lorrain, Rochelle RainTree, Alesha, Maura, Samantha Sweetwater, Marti, Jackie RavenHeart, and Josie Posie. We had a really sweet gathering.

We heard from Laurel Kitten and Amanda Rain on the herstory of Red Lightning and the tipis, and began planting our seeds of intention for our tipi, our playa journeys and our camp as a whole... Gratitude, activation, initiation, divine feminine, grace and ease, embodiment, magic, courage, unification...

Please stream or download this recording, pour yourself a cup of tea, and listen:

And then feel free to add your own seed intention (just one or two words) here in the comments section.

The call was so yummy, the women are already clamoring for more. Next time less storytelling, more connecting ;-)

If you feel that sweet desire to join us live next time, I want to make sure you can be there, please fill out the doodle poll for our next call if you haven't yet:

in gratitude