Greetings Red Lightening sisters! Livi Joy here :-)

I've been blessed with the honor of co-anchoring the Women's Tipi at Red Lightning 2016 with one of the anchors of the original Red Lightning Tipi Mandala, Laurel Kitten. 

The Women's Tipi is held 24/7 as a sacred space to honor the feminine and the "blood gate mysteries" - a dedicated space for those who identify as women, with facilitated programming during the day Tuesday through Saturday.

We are reaching out to our Red Lightening sisters to find kindred souls who are called to this service on the playa to help hold the women's circles, the open moonlodge time, and possibly a workshop.

Would you love an opportunity to serve your community and connect to other women diving into the sacred feminine mysteries? 

These are the circles, ideally there would be at least one woman who identified with the theme present to hold the circle container. Our intention is to empower a pair of co-anchors to craft the circle using their own intuitive wisdom as well as wisdom from the lineages/traditions they practice on the daily. Beyond that I will be completely available for consultation/mentorship.

Tuesday - 12 noon - Gathering the Wise Ones: Calling all Elders, Crones and Queens
Special opening women's circle inviting those among us who have been living as women for 50+ yrs to come bless the space, open to all women

Wednesday - 12 noon - Gathering the Giving Ones: Calling all Mothers, Supporters, and Caretakers Women's circle open to all women with special focus on those who are currently dedicated to nurturing others to come bless the space

Thursday - 12 noon - Gathering the Visionaries: Calling all Artists, Creatrixes, and Change-agents Women's circle open to all women with special focus on those who are currently dedicated to birthing their visions to come bless the space.

Friday - 12 noon - Gathering Our Future: Calling all Maidens, Teens, and Tweens
Women's circle with special invitation to young women to come bless the space, open to women of all ages.

Saturday - 4pm - Gathering all of Her faces: Calling all those who live as women
Special closing women's circle to celebrate our diversity of experiences and ground/integrate our playa magic into our whole beings.

We envision the Open Moonlodge times as organic, emergent spaces held (not led/facilitated) by one or two women who are able to be invisible vibe holders, provide accurate information about women's health/biology (be clear about the limitis of their scope of knowledge) if participant questions lead to spontaneous knowledge/skill share sessions, and feel confident in holding space for women who are seeking sanctuary (again knowing their scope limits as well as understanding how to respond to "must-report" situations). Here are times and the description in the WWW:

Tuesday - 4-6pm - Open Moonlodge
Time for solo reflection, intimate convo and/or informal sessions like Womb Health, Catching & Casting your Moonblood, Sacred Song Circle...

Wednesday 4-6pm - Open Moonlodge
Thursday - 4-6pm - Open Moonlodge
Friday 4-6pm - Open Moonlodge
Saturday - 2pm-4pm - Open Moonlodge

There is also a workshop facilitation opportunity. One slot is completely open because we had a cancellation just before we submitted the workshop to the WWW:

Saturday - 12pm - open for your offering (examples of other workshops offered include "Letting Go of the Unborn" and "A New Way to Lead: Donning the Wings of Feminine Power")

The best way to follow up with me on these opportunities if you are crystal clear that this is in alignment you feel a big embodied YES! is to call or text me at 267-312-3316 ASAP, and be ready to email me your bio and photo (and content description as needed) right after we make contact.

If you need more support to feel a clear yes or no, please text me at 267-312-3316 to indicate your interest, and provide a few time windows you are available to schedule a phone date when I can address your questions.

Thank you so much for loving service and attention!

Livi Joy